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Tasty free asian recipes for cooking asian food such as Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Malaysian, Singaporean and Indian

Asian Recipes for cooking asian foods including Malaysian food, Thai food, Korean food, Japanese food, Indian food, Vietnamese food, and other asian recipes. Favorite free asian recipes. Everything from vegetarian desserts to dinner entrees including chicken, fish, shrimp, seafood, salmon, beef, and pork.

This free asian recipe site features some of my favorite chinese recipes, indian recipes, vegetarian recipes and easy chicken recipes. Some of these exotic foods are difficult to prepare such as Crispy Aromatic Duck while others are quick and easy such as shrimp fried rice. There's even some easy chicken recipes such as Chicken teryaki. Best of all, all these recipes are free! Whether you're looking for Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Indian, Singaporean or Vietnamese recipes you're sure to find some delicious favorites here.

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Welcome to the new and improved Asian Recipe, a site dedicated to the finest quality Asian style cuisine. Here you can browse through numerous of my favorite Asian cusine ranging from Malaysian hot curry to delicous sweet and spicy Thai to the intricate and delicate Japanese sushi.

Image of Animated Popcorn Updated 2009: Wow! Another year has come and gone by. I am constantly amazed at how time flies. The year 2008 was an interesting year as I've been busy collecting and compiling a whole bunch of amazing and delicious recipes. However, I find that I am unable to keep pace with Asian Recipe as much due to the demands of my new job and family life. So I hope, dear fans and readers, that you keep patience with me and keep coming back for more recipes as I will definitely update the site from time to time. Once again, THANK YOU! Thank You! for all the support you've given me over the years. God Bless you!

Image of Wok Updated: All you want to know about Cooking with a Wok but were afraid to ask! Just completed a page dedicated to the art of cooking with Asian utensils. With the help of my friend Mimi, we managed to write a page on the How-To (and don'ts) of Asian Cooking. Thank you Mimi for all your help and knowledge in creating the first ever Asian Recipe Guide to Cooking with a Wok. Click here for more details.

Image of Spining Chile Updated: More Mexican Recipes added to my Mexican Recipe website. I have also started incoporating images into my growing list of Mexican ingredients and glossary so it will give you an idea of what I'm talking about. In future, I will think about making a page to talk about hosting a Mexican Theme Party and all things Mexican as I have just hosted a Mexican theme party and that was a lot of fun! Keep coming back as I will be updating my website frequently.

Updated: Entries into the Asian Recipe Blog Site. I will be entering new entries of recipes that I find, which are easy to make and works well. I will also add more interesting food facts that I come across so feel free to visit my Asian Recipe Blog. I suspect that this Blog will become my newest experiment in creating and collecting baking recipes.

Recipes are mostly original and gleamed from working with my mother and friends to give you all the best possible variation of Asian cuisine. Feel free to drop a recipe here if you want to share and I will be more than happy to give you credit for it. Remember, the recipes are merely guidelines, feel free to experiment and go outside the 'box' and become creative. It's all about fun and flavor! Be bold and try everything because you never know!


Thai Jasmine Rice with Lemon and Basil NEW
Indian Ground Lamb with Peas NEW
Malaysian Chicken Giblets (Gulai Pak Lai) NEW
Singaporean Mango Pickle NEW
Japanese Assorted Dengaku (Dengaku Iroiro) NEW
Indian Tandoori Shrimp NEW
Thai Carrot and Mango Salad NEW
Indian Mint Raita NEW
Malaysian Mutton and Potato Curry NEW
Singaporean Coconut Milk Rice NEW
Korean Spicy Buckwheat Noodles NEW
Singaporean Soy Sauce Duck NEW
Korean Spicy Octopus NEW
Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad NEW
Chinese Shredded Steamed Chicken NEW
Chinese Stir Fried Shrimp with Zucchini NEW
Malaysian Sweet Peanut Broth (Thor Tau Ting) NEW
Malaysian Barley Drink (Ee Bee Chui) NEW

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