Recipes for Egg Noodles – 30 of the Best Suggestions

There are few things more delicious than recipes for egg noodles. I wanted to share with you 30 of my best suggestions for what to do with egg noodles.

Let me know in the comments if you tried any of them and enjoyed them!

What are your favourite recipes for egg noodles? Let me know in the comments.

1 Singapore Noodles

These delicious noodles have a fantastic curry taste to them, pack lots of flavour, and are easy to make. The recipe calls for rice noodles, I prefer them with egg noodles. 

If you don’t make a deal of it, I won’t either. Use whatever noodles you have.

2 Chow Mein

This is my own easy guide on how to make authentic chow mein with meat, fish or vegetables, plus a little information on the origins of the dish and how it has evolved.

A useful guide for what is surely the most popular Chinese takeaway dish ever!

3 Smoked Shrimp with Chinese Style Marinade with Noodles

This recipe calls for a little bravery if you have never smoked before, but you can use an everyday barbecue to smoke your shrimp if you don’t have a smoker. 

You will end up with smoky, flavoursome shrimp which you can serve with egg noodles.

4 Recipe for Egg Noodles From Scratch

Why not try making your egg noodles from scratch? They taste so much fresher, don’t take long to cook, and are easy to make with only 5 ingredients – flour, salt, eggs, and water!

This recipe for egg noodles from scratch is the best I’ve come across!

5 Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup

This is a great recipe, fresh, easy to make and authentic.

Traditionally considered to be good for colds and perfect for winter days  this Chinese Chicken Noodle soup is a knockout for any occasion!

Lovely fresh ingredients here include chicken thighs, sesame oil, cilantro/coriander, chicken stock, Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, ginger, bay leaf, cumin and green/spring onion, and of course egg noodles!

6 Bo Kho – Vietnamese Beef Stew Recipe with Egg noodles

Here’s one you may not have tried before, or even heard of. This delicious beef stew is made with boneless beef short ribs, lemongrass, garlic, ginger, egg noodles and a whole lot more Vietnamese loveliness.

Definitely worth a try for something a little out of the ordinary.

7 Lo Mein Recipe for Egg Noodles

To make these delicious noodles simply add the protein or veg of your choice, along with egg noodles, red pepper (bell pepper), spring green onion, garlic, white onion, carrot matchsticks, as well as soy sauce, sugar, Chinese rice wine, sesame oil, cornflour (cornstarch) and white pepper.

Similar to Chow Mein but not quite the same. 

8 Thai Stir Fry with Vegetables

Although most Thai noodle dishes are made with rice noodles (including the famous Pad Thai) there are some which use egg noodles too. Here’s is a really great recipe for a Thai stir fry with vegetables with bangs of flavour for you to try at home.

9 Shanghai Fried Noodles (Cu Chao Mian)

This lovely Shanghai Fried Noodles recipe uses sliced pork, ginger, garlic, green/spring onions, cabbage, as well as a fantastic sauce.

It’s easy to make and perfect for a straightforward midweek dinner.

10 Steak Satay Noodles

This is a satisfying and filling meal with steak, peanut butter, coconut milk, and egg noodles to name but a few.

Making your own satay sauce is a game changer! Check out this fantastic recipe below.

11 Salt and Chilli Chicken with Chilli Egg Noodles

A delicious take on the classic salt and chilli chicken from your Chinese takeaway with spicy egg noodles.

You’ll need chicken, cornflour, garlic powder, Chinese 5 spice, garlic, salt, chilli powder, chopped onion, chopped red chilli, egg noodles and spring/green onions to garnish. 

12 Chinese Birthday Noodles

Also called longevity noodles, this dish is traditionally eaten on your birthday for luck and long life is the Han province of China. There’s quite a lot to go into this dish and you can substitute the favourite proteins of your guests accordingly.

For this recipe you will need oyster sauce, vegetable oil, soy sauce, chopped garlic, shrimp/prawns, beef meatballs, chicken, eggs, carrots, quail’s eggs, salt and white pepper, water, green mustard and fried shallots. 

Not to mention egg noodles.

13 Thai Pesto Prawn Egg Noodles

This is a really interesting take on pesto by using Thai ingredients – coriander, basil, peanuts, chilli & lime and serving them with prawns and egg noodles.

Well worth a look for a fast and delicious noodle meal.

14 Chicken and Mushroom Wonton Noodle Soup

This delicious wonton noodle soup uses shitake mushrooms, veg and a chicken and mushroom broth/stock to pack a flavoursome punch. 

Easy to make but beautifully warming on the tastebuds it’s well worth a try.

15 Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup Recipe

This calls for thicker wonton egg noodles but really you can use any egg noodles you have. 

The soup has big beefy flavours from braised beef as well a good amount of spice from ginger, garlic and chilli. 

Really delicious.

16 Korean-style Bacon & Egg Noodles

This is really interesting change up from the classic combo of bacon and egg done Korean style! 

Korean gochujang paste and soy sauce along with bacon, eggs and noodles is simply delicious and simple to make.

You really have to try it!

17 Mi Xao Gion Crispy Noodle Stir Fry

This is another Vietnamese style dish and the first one we have mentioned with delicious crispy egg noodles. 

You can customise with seafood, meat or veg of your choice. It comes with a tasty garlic and soy sauce.


18 Beef Ramen Noodle Soup

Believe it or not the incredibly popular Japanese Ramen noodles originally came from China. They are yellow and quite long egg noodles which are often served in a broth/stock with fresh veg as ramen noodle soup. 

This recipe is one of my favourites for Ramen noodles, but I have a few more fantastic ones to share with you as well.

This healthy and tasty recipe is made from beef stock, beef strips and vegetables and finished off with a poached egg on the top.

19 Lemongrass, chicken and ginger noodle broth

Lemongrass and ginger are such warming and invigorating flavours, especially when put together with chicken in a healthy hearty noodle soup.

It’s also quick and easy to make. There’s literally nothing to complain about here.

20 Vegan Ramen Recipe With Miso Broth

This flavoursome and healthy ramen dish is also vegan and vegetarian friendly. Even us carnivores can benefit from this one!

It’s also splendidly creamy and straightforward to make.

21 Quick and Easy Homemade Ramen

This great recipe gets extra points for being easy and quick to make but doesn’t in any way skimp on flavour.

22 Make ramen egg noodles from scratch with this tried and tested, and relatively straightforward recipe. 

There is nothing quite like freshly made ramen noodles from scratch with fresh ingredients. Health and happiness in a bowl!

23 Chinese-Thai Noodle Stir Fry

This dish is eaten during the vegetarian festival of Tesakan Kin Jay which is celebrated in Thailand during the 9th Lunar month of the year.

More importantly for us it is extremely tasty and easy to make with a lovely combo of garlic and mushroom!

24 Indonesian Fried Noodles Mie Goreng

This might be another dish you haven’t heard of or eaten. It’s made with chicken and shrimp/prawns a some spicy love!

It has Nasi goreng paste which is fast becoming a global go to and it’s undeniably delicious and fast to make.

25 Malaysian Wonton noodles or Wantan Mee

This is a super easy and tasty recipe for Malaysian Wonton noodles, cooked with a dark sauce. You can also top it with fried or boiled wontons.

It comes out well and can stand up to some Asian street food too.

26 Char Kway Teow or Malaysian Noodle Stir Fry

Staying on the subject of Malaysian noodles here’s a brilliant recipe for Char Kway Teow otherwise known as Malaysian Noodle Stir Fry.

Malaysia is a beautiful country with a real blend of different influences on its food including India, the Middle East, Indonesia, China, & Thailand.

Enjoy the many influences in this dish.

27 Sri Lankan Noodles

This is simple but very effective recipe for Sri Lankan noodles, packing flavour with ease.

It contains carrots, leeks, onion, garlic, red chilli, eggs, oil and egg noodles.

Definitely a dish to try for something a little bit different.

28 Kl Hokkein Mee or Hokkien Fried Noodles

This is a fantastic egg noodle dish from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

You end up with savoury, slightly chewy egg noodles which are covered in sweet & salty fragrant soy sauce. Added to this we have shrimp/prawns, delicious pork belly, cabbage, and also gai-lan.

There are influences from China, Malaysia and Singapore in this delicious dish. 

29 Beef and Broccoli Egg Noodles

Beef and Broccoli are a perfect combination especially when served with egg noodles. 

This tasty recipe is simple and highly flavoursome, and totally moreish. 

The combination of soy and oyster sauce is delicious and authentic.

30 Korean Fried Chicken with Egg Noodles

Last up we have one of my own tried and tested recipes which should always be paired with egg noodles – Korean Fried Chicken.

It has a delicious sauce, an authentic feel and a Korean inspired BBQ sauce, topped off with the always welcome ingredient of sesame seeds.

I hope you enjoyed this extensive list of Recipes for Egg Noodles!

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